church nerd or “now read this”


i’ve heard someone describe himself as a “church nerd.”

i imagine a lot of people in the room weren’t quite sure what that meant. it was a pastor calling himself that so there were probably a few “duhs” thrown around in there.

but i heard that and thought, “i wonder if he wants to trade rss feeds???”

because i get it.

i know what church nerds do because i am one.

so i’m starting a new feature on this blog. it’s going to be called “now read this” and i’m going to post something from a blog i think is noteworthy (right, cuz you gotta be worthy to be on this blog *sarcasm*).

to start off, here’s something from church relevance:

Over the years, I have heard quite a few perspectives on church marketing and whether or not it has a Biblical basis. I believe that church marketing is a good thing although, as with any area of ministry, I have also seen church marketing taken to negative extremes.Lately, as I have been reading Mark, I have been thinking about how Jesus’ ministry fits into the modern definitions of marketing. Specifically, I have been thinking about the 4 P’s of the marketing mix – product, price, place (distribution), and promotion. Jesus’ ministry is an example of what ideal church marketing should look like. Although I should warn you, Christ’s example always sets the bar high. So here are some of my insights:

The 4 P’s of Jesus’ Ministry Marketing

  • Product
    Jesus is perfect. He was sinless. Therefore, His ministry was perfect. It was remarkable, and consequently, it created word of mouth.
  • Price
    Jesus’ ministry was free, financially speaking. It was accessible to both the wealthy and the poor. However, because Jesus’ ministry (His product) was perfect, He frequently experienced more demand for His ministry than He and His disciples could supply. People were willing to tear a hole in someone else’s roof so their paralyzed friend could see Jesus (Mark 2:4). In Mark 3:20, Jesus and His disciples could not find time to eat. And when at the lake, Jesus used a boat as an escape plan just in case the people crowded Him off the beach (Mark 3:8-9). Sometimes to lessen the demand, He raised the cost of the time and effort needed to see Him by traveling to a secluded place (Mark 1:45). But people still came from everywhere to see Him.
  • Place (Distribution)
    Jesus frequently traveled to make Himself accessible to a greater region of people. He ministered in the synagogues, the streets, and the countryside. He ministered everywhere.
  • Promotion
    Jesus had no need to promote His ministry because the “product” was flawless. People promoted His ministry for Him. However, because He had a face-to-face ministry, it could be said that He used personal selling for promotion.

Stay tuned for part two of the series as I take a look at how Jesus would market His ministry today.

here’s the link to this post

marketing in the church is a bit of a controversial topic depending on who you ask. so i’m asking… do you agree with these 4 Ps being relevant in the church?


2 Responses to “church nerd or “now read this””

  1. 2 sarah c.

    i definitely agree that Jesus had all four of these sweet skills going for him. He was one amazing dude!

    But i disagree that “product” or “perfection” is necessary for marketing in the church today.

    Jesus was perfect, but we are not. We are flawed, and so, our churches are going to be flawed. And this is okay.

    I don’t think we should strive for perfect product in churches. That makes it sound like we are really focused on ourselves. I don’t think we need to promote church as much as we think we need to.

    Jesus was perfect, but not in a showy way. He was so humble, and I want to be like that to in the way I live, worship, tell others about Jesus, and invite them to church.

    Being perfect, flawless, or remarkable is not the only thing that creates word of mouth or a “buzz” about a particular church. It’s not about the perfect quality of the seats or the communion wafers or the amazing structure of the building.

    I think humility, mission, and love for people speaks much louder (softer).

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