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view this lake


can any of the peoria people tell me exactly what lake i should be viewing if i were to be on either lake street or the museums for which this supposed lake derives it’s name; lakeview museum? i drove down lake twice today and saw no lake. Advertisements



flab·ber·gast (flāb’ər-gāst’) tr.v. flab·ber·gast·ed, flab·ber·gast·ing, flab·ber·gasts To cause to be overcome with astonishment; astound. we really watch stuff like this?

i mentioned a few posts ago our wireless went out. i thought that was the end of the world. …until our heat had to be turned off all evening while the furnace guys fixed our geothermal unit. i had wireless at that point, but i would have traded that for heat. oh well, our wireless […]

now read this


tony morgan has a great post (i find myself saying this a lot). A friend of mine mentioned recently that he’s frustrated when he goes into new church environments because, rather than just experiencing the worship and teaching, he always finds himself critiquing the teacher, the music, the facility and everything else. Do you know […]



ahhhh… that’s more like it. i’m just gonna throw this out there to anyone switching ISPs… you might have to reset your airport base station (like totally wipe it out and start from scratch with your wireless network and all of its settings) if comcast buys out your ISP. the dude on the phone yesterday […]



no posting lately.  our internet has been out. apparently our airport is broken.  but it’s sort of curious to me that our airport was working just fine before comcast bought out insight and reset all of our ip addresses. not to mention i still get a full signal from the airport, just no internet connection. […]

lent update


i was documenting my lent experience here on this blog. but i’m changing that. i decided rather than doing two blogs about it half-way, i’d do one as best i can. check out the imago lent blog here. i’m posting with vicky and charlie so far. i’ve got some pictures of an official lent dinner […]