not so fun day off of work


i had the day off today.

…to go to a funeral. i didn’t even know the guy, but my really great, awesome, cool friend (she’s probably my best female friend other than sarah) just so happened to be this guy’s sister. so sarah and i went.

i thought i’d go there, give support, maybe a hug or two, make her laugh once or twice and be on my way.

and i think i did that.

but i cried, too.

he was the oldest of 5 kids and they all looked up to him.   the dad was sobbing almost uncontrollably. each sibling had something to say about their oldest brother (mostly about how he was a huge reason for why they are all kind-hearted, laid-back and caring people).

for never having met this entire family, i just felt what a loss this was for them.

to every deaver out there, i’m extremely sorry for your loss. just know that there’s a family of chapmans (not chapmEn) praying for your in peoria.


2 Responses to “not so fun day off of work”

  1. hey pal. i just saw this post. it meant a LOT to me that you guys came. and thanks for the continued support, i don’t think it will get easier as time goes on, but that’s what all these people keep telling me, but what do they know?
    i will always be there for you guys, too. and your post made me cry at work. 🙂

  2. 2 erichapman

    people just go with their gut when they give advice. what they don’t realize is their guts have sh!t for brains.

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