why marketing in your advertising matters


people think in pictures.

we also related everything back to personal experiences.

so is this the message you want to send for a potluck?


yeah, i really want to think about my thighs while i’m eating.

by the way, if you want to come, here’s the evite.

i guarantee you’ll know someone (me) and there will be food.

side question… who signs up to model for those pictures???


One Response to “why marketing in your advertising matters”

  1. 1 aprilberardi

    “side question… who signs up to model for those pictures???”

    Funny thing about certain kinds of stock images. if a model poses for a serious sad looking image, she could end up on some billboard talking about the effects of Crystal Meth…or a youthful pregnant woman could end up on a teen pregnancy banner. The model probably doesn’t even know her thighs were used to sell anti-cellulite stuff…hahahahahahbababahaahhaahah. *clears throat* okay. i am done laughing.
    Lessoned learned: You can’t just let anybody take a picture of your butt. *snicker*


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