here it is


my own personal blog where anything i say goes.

i’ve got that other blog, but it feels limiting to me. so if i start off this one by saying “i can say whatever i want,” then i’m rather unlimited.

so here’s what i want to say with my first blog post…

i’m almost done with this website. that link probably won’t work until tomorrow evening.

and today something happened that has had me shaken, not stirred since then.

this morning i was taking a shower and thought, “where’s my bible?” that’s a terrible thought.

then i got out of the shower and sarah said, “hey, where’s your bible?” i had a terrible answer.

(especially since she gave me the bible!)

then i searched for the bible and eventually found it in an unheated room in our house, on the bottom shelf of an unused cabinet, buried under who knows what in a shoebox.

that’s a terrible feeling.

then we got to church today and some people did some readings of the bible. psalm 19

and it talked about how and how it’s as sweet as God’s words.

God’s words that i kept in a frozen room under junk in a shoebox inside an unused cabinet.

so i got choked up in a room full of people that i knew pretty well and some i barely knew.

it happens. it’s officially been labeled the basement of tears because everyone who talks there ends up a blubbering idiot.

the point was, i don’t read the bible very often. and that made me cry.


3 Responses to “here it is”

  1. you may have blubbered, but you’re not an idiot. I think a good argument could be made that people who never blubber are idiots.

    And feel free to shoot me questions if anything comes up with the site…I’m glad to help from the frozen tundra.

  2. 2 sarah c.

    hi noob. 🙂

    i like your new blog.

    i like that you shared this story.

    i like the imago website, too.

    i like you the most.

  3. 3 aprilberardi

    I just see a picture and “coming soon”…soooo, the site thing..needs to come sooner. =)

    Not that you need to hear this, but Dave is great with the whole wordpress stuff. He was a great help on mine (now I just have to learn the html i need to make it like it want)

    This story IS sad. maybe we could all get together and encourage each other MORE! Are your phones broken or somethin’? (what you dont know, is that that comment was funny because Josh just got his broken phone fixed)

    anyhoo. Come over to our house and watch “Beowolf” when it comes out.

    k thnx bye


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