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this post made me add bill allison’s blog to my rss feed. thanks to my rockin’ hot wife for sending that my way. where’s your blog???  a little more insight to that wonderful brain of yours would probably go a long way.  🙂 i love you! Advertisements

laughter is freakin’ sweet, isn’t it?

hey, i’ve got shared items. read ’em.

i had the day off today. …to go to a funeral. i didn’t even know the guy, but my really great, awesome, cool friend (she’s probably my best female friend other than sarah) just so happened to be this guy’s sister. so sarah and i went. i thought i’d go there, give support, maybe a […]

strange maps


this one had me saying, “really?” link from the strange maps blog.



i’m not even going to use the title of this post in the keywords.  i’ll just get fake numbers of people looking for porn. that’s not what you’ll find here. it’s been a topic at work with a good friend for the past week.  and if you know me at all, you know i’m a […]

ok go has nothing on this choreography thanks to joshua blankenship for the hip link