“have a good holidays.”

-nurse at the doctor’s office today

your religion-specific holiday greeting will not offend me.  even a generic one is fine by me.

however, your poor grammar skills will offend my inner scrutinizer. 


i don’t know what’s more impressive – the artwork or the fact that someone counted all of those dots.


playing, mostly.

crank this to somewhere near 11.

then go here and watch the funny balls in full screen.

i’m a time lapse junky.

i bet you never cared to know that about me.

too late…now you do.

time lapse makes anything awesome.  which is why uncage the soul filmed awesome things being awesome and then time lapsed it.

btw…i really don’t like the word “awesome” so i’m trying immersion therapy with this post to make me numb to it.

UTS vimeo page here

gone fishin’


class starts back up on monday.  i haven’t really been able to get out there and do much because of the fire at my mom’s house.  it takes a lot of time to catalog and pack up an entire house of charred remains.

so i’m taking a day off work and using good friday to get outta town.

hopefully castle rock state park is as fun as it sounds on the website.  campground only accessable by canoe?  i’m in!

in preparation, i’ve been watching fishing videos online. 

i think the “mysterious fish” they describe making that weird noise is a pike.  they’re common in canada and are known to eat ducks right off the surface of the water.

pretty impressive.

i don’t know who invented the bicycle, but he/she never envisioned this.

spring break starts saturday for me.

i think i know where i’ll be.

but you’ll be able to appreciate the creativity involved here.

yes, it’s supposed to sound like a song.  whether you agree with the facts or not, that’s some pretty cool nature.

if you liked this, or you just wanna be creeped out slightly by people’s speaking voices being turned into singing, you can find more at symphony of science.

you can even download their MP3 files and listen to other tracks.

via WEND